Sessions and Fees

Sessions and Fees

Matrix Repatterning Therapy (MRT) is a new paradigm in understanding and treating the injured body. MRT treatments last one hour, which limits the amount of patients that can be seen.

The good news; MRT doesn’t go on forever. Most people need between 6 and 12 treatments (5 or 6 for most concussions, and or sometimes more for tougher cases). Treatments can also be spaced out. Close knit frequency (1x per week vs. 1x per month) is not important for long term change because we are making a PERMANENT change in the tension patterns of the body! However, close knit frequency DOES make a difference in HOW QUICKLY you want to experience change. (1x per week vs. 1x per month).

If your insurance covers Massage Therapy, this technique is covered because I am also a Registered Massage Therapist.


(Starting May 1st, 2017 the following pricing will apply)

First visit –$100.00+hst – first visit is 1.5 hours and includes consultation, examination and treatment.

Subsequent visits 

$90.00+hst ($101.70) – 60 min

$45.00+hst ($50.85)- 30 min

(Note: for those who have come to see me already, you will notice this pricing is a big change. My technique has evolved and improved immensely. As well, the direction of how your sessions are performed. I have become more sensitive and capable of locating primary restrictions. To move into complete 1 hour sessions for an average number of treatments, allows me to provide you with better changes in each session. Any questions, feel free to CONTACT me)

Most people come in weekly for MRT, however, frequency can be less (hence, you can budget your care) or more depending on your schedule and how it works best for you. You DO NOT lose gains made over time.

I do encourage other forms of health care that encourage healing. The body is so beautifully complex. It has to be treated as a whole (Please visit the Resources page to find other recommended therapies and practitioners).

Pretty consistently, people find they get much greater benefit from other forms of care moving forward after MRT.

Remember, with Matrix Repatterning, once we are done with treatment, we are done, unless there is  subsequent injury. Some clients may need a few follow up treatments over time if they have a very complex trauma history. A good measurement tool is whether or not you notice pain or symptoms go away within 3-4 days. If it does, your body has done a pretty good job taking care of an underlying issue. If the pain or symptoms continue on after 3-4 days, there are more restrictions that need MRT.

Are you ready for a breakthrough? Are you ready for a life with less pain and more function? Are you ready to be more active and enjoy your life more than you have in years? Then call 519-322-5588 to set up an appointment.

I will call you before your appointment to make sure you are an excellent candidate for this care.